From Age of Empires to Candy Crush: Miguel Sepulveda, a video game localization expert

We chat with the Spaniard behind the blog YoLocalizo. A videogame localization professional with more than 25 years of experience. It’s not often you have the opportunity to chat with someone who has so much experience within the video game industry worldwide, much less someone that works on the world’s most popular productions. Miguel Sepulveda, […]

Baba is You: When translation is not an option

Localization is usually an afterthought. There is a popular saying in Argentina: “God will see you in Buenos Aires”, which means that no matter how many things you can do in other parts of the country, sooner or later you’re going to have to go to the capital to take care of something along the […]

How Localization made Crash Bandicoot a Success in Japan

Breaking cultural barriers for the win When developing a video game in almost any genre, you have to do some deep thinking, not only about the game’s mechanics and aesthetics but also about its possibilities for localization. The question is: How do you develop a game that can break through cultural barriers and have the […]