Style Guide & Glossary Creation

Stellar branding consistent across all languages is achievable. Add these power-ups to your inventory!

Player 1: Style Guide 

We’re proactive in our pursuit of an unrivaled experience! That’s why we help create a custom style guide for our partners’ brand—before even diving into localization. By setting the tone and stylistic specifications from the get go, we’re protecting your brand identity across all languages. This document can include specific instructions for each language, formatting preferences, samples and references, and any other relevant information.

Style guides take your localization to the next level—and we will work with you to create it!


Player 2: Glossary

Glossaries ensure that all terms are translated accurately and consistently, making them vital for a localization victory! A glossary can become a powerful terminology management tool for running quality control checks, as it includes key terms and their corresponding translation, terms that should not be translated, definitions, and additional context. 

Level up the efficiency, economics, and effectiveness of your project by implementing them together. Just like in a co-op game, Player 1 and Player 2 join forces for the win!

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Linguistic QA

You wouldn’t launch a rocket without testing it first. Why should your game be any different?



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