Linguistic QA

You wouldn’t launch a rocket without testing it first. Why should your game be any different?

Join us on your quest to achieve the best quality!

Once you have the build ready with the localized content in place, it’s time to do a deep dive into the game!

Linguistic Quality Assurance, or LQA, is an essential step for a video game to succeed in different languages. From reviewing the localization in context to flagging bugs, overlapped text, font-supporting issues, and anything that’s not working as expected, our team leaves no stone unturned. The goal? An immersive and enjoyable experience for your players!


Team up with Terra.

Our LQA testers are gamers at heart. Not only are they native speakers of each language, specializing in the target culture, but they also possess next-level knowledge and expertise to test your video game across various platforms.

This work is artisanal, but time is of the essence! If you want the LQA step done right, Terra Localizations is here for you!

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Houston, we have a solution. Creativity meets cultural and linguistic expertise to preserve your message.


Project Management

The path to global success can be long and winding. Let a team of highly skilled PMs be your North Star.