Voice-over in Video Games

Voice-over in video games is more than reading text aloud; it’s the soul of storytelling. Explore the voice-over process in this article!

Black Culture and Representation in Video Games: Black History Month

  Diversity matters when it comes to the video game industry. It is important to make sure each culture is represented not only accurately but fairly. Today let’s focus on culture specifically: the Black community represented in video games. With the celebration of Black History Month, let’s look at the beginnings of black culture and […]

Video Games Digital Stores and Localization

With technology becoming more advanced, we can see digital sales are higher than ever before. Within the gaming industry, digital sales have become one of the leading metrics when it comes to profit. Years ago, most people including gamers would scoff at the idea of having their games in “the cloud.” Now with the internet […]

The Importance of a Project Manager in Localization

When it comes to localizing a game, it can become a challenging process.  A Loc team needs enough resources to do their job well. There need to be enough translators on board. The technology that the team will use needs to be working.  The client’s wishes and standards are in place. Deadlines need to be […]

The Importance of accessibility in video games.

Localization = Accessibility Just as it is important to Localize a video game based on different languages, it is also important to localize a game for people with disabilities.  Even though the majority of gamers can play the average games pretty well, there are a lot of players that have a difficult time trying to […]

Gender Neutrality in Video Games

Are you a male or female?  That’s the question that everyone has seen overtly in their lives. Whether it is when one is filling out an application for a job or going into a healthcare facility for treatment, this one question has been used to determine what a person is like. Unfortunately, this can also […]

Diversity in Gaming: Opening Our Eyes To All Gamers

Video games have reached out and touched many lives.  There have been major stories told, treasures found, bosses defeated and games won. As this way of entertainment is continuing to garner global success, year after year, It has become clear that a spectrum of people enjoy the games provided.  That’s why it is so important for […]

Localization is in fact, an Easter Egg

In recent years, gaming localization was not on the forefront of most minds in the gaming development scene. Today, we are starting to see a trend​ of developers and publishers get on board with this more.  What some game devs don’t realize is that there are hidden benefits of having their own game involved in […]

Cross-Play and What Challenges Indie Developers Might Face

Why Choose Cross Play? When it comes to multiplayer games, it can be a great experience when playing with friends.  Whether it is you teaming up with a friend to tackle a boss challenge or beating an adversary team in a game of Team Deathmatch, it can be very enjoyable. However, that moment can be […]