Voiceover in video games

Voiceover in general is used in many products and projects around the world. These can include movies, TVs, video games, audiobooks, and even phone carriers. Localization uses voiceover to help keep the same message across to other cultures that may not understand outside their own language. The message and themes have to be kept the same but culturally appropriate to the target audience. This can be a demanding process in itself.


The Evolution of Video Games from Entertainment to Education

What’s so special about video games is that it has infiltrated almost every aspect of today’s society. To name a few, there are esports for competitive gaming, positive health benefits for gaming, and educational gaming. Video games now are now being widely utilized for multiple purposes. It wasn’t always this way and was just considered entertainment for only younger kids.


LQA – Much more than just breaking the game

Playing video games from other countries can be an enjoyable experience when the game is made right. Players don’t want to experience a game that has a language barrier and complicated language mechanics. That can bring about a negative experience and an even more negative reception for that game. That’s where the LQA team comes in.