Perspectives on Game Loc: Censorship or Cultural Adaptation?

Video Game localizers have a tough challenge when it comes to adapting content for a new language and culture. If the goal is to create an immersive experience that mimics the feel of the game for a native speaker of the original language, cultural adaptation is necessary. Jokes, pop-culture references, or religious symbolism used in […]

How Localization made Crash Bandicoot a Success in Japan

Breaking cultural barriers for the win When developing a video game in almost any genre, you have to do some deep thinking, not only about the game’s mechanics and aesthetics but also about its possibilities for localization. The question is: How do you develop a game that can break through cultural barriers and have the […]

What does “Next gen of gaming” really mean?

Next Gen is here. Now what? The game development industry has started to gamble on which company will be portrayed as the real next gen console. The COVID-19 pandemic helped to create a captive audience that is also eager to know the final result after almost 30 years of competition.  But even though Sony and […]