How Games Immerse Players in Worlds Without Words

I recently began playing two games that don’t have much in common on the surface: Untitled Goose Game and Unravel Two. One focuses on a trouble-making goose, and the other on two anthropomorphic yarn beings. While they’re equally captivating and entertaining in their own rights, they share a dearth of spoken words. Both games lack […]

Terra Receives Focus on the Future Award for Its Employee-Centric Culture

Terra Translations is the proud recipient of the Focus on the Future Award in the True Colors category for maintaining an employee-centric focus by managing the health and well-being of their workforce. Established as a family business over 25 years ago, Terra Translations and Terra Localizations, its video game localization division, are currently lead by […]

Empathy through Video Games – Building a New Cross – Cultural Society

Though some still maintain that playing video games leads to antisocial behavior, most gamers today tout the community built around their shared virtual worlds. Once ridiculed, gaming is now gaining attention for bringing together people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, countries, and cultures in a way that nothing else can. People who have never (and likely […]