Transcreation: Games Wouldn’t Be the Same Without This Hack

Transcreation: Games Wouldn’t Be the Same Without This Hack

If we only relied on direct translation to localize video games, they wouldn’t be very fun to play. Why? While direct translations can be useful in some types of content, like terms & conditions, it doesn’t do interactive entertainment justice. To properly localize a video game, you need a freer, more creative approach to translation. […]

The Benefits of Game Rating Systems for Developers and Localizers

From movies to manga, many entertainment industries rely on ratings systems and boards to help consumers find appropriate content to enjoy. Rating organizations, such as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in North America, have come to shape the growth of modern gaming. Love them or not… Game ratings systems have their fair share of […]

Video Games Digital Stores and Localization

With technology becoming more advanced, we can see digital sales are higher than ever before. Within the gaming industry, digital sales have become one of the leading metrics when it comes to profit. Years ago, most people including gamers would scoff at the idea of having their games in “the cloud.” Now with the internet […]

Video Games: Virtual Immersion and Localization

In Other Worlds Many pieces of art and entertainment, like literary works, movies, or paintings, depict worlds in such a way that readers or spectators feel like they are in that world. This phenomenon is called immersion, and it’s also part of the experience of playing video games. We will outline here how immersion works […]

The Importance of a Project Manager in Localization

When it comes to localizing a game, it can become a challenging process.  A Loc team needs enough resources to do their job well. There need to be enough translators on board. The technology that the team will use needs to be working.  The client’s wishes and standards are in place. Deadlines need to be […]