Terra Ranked as 2nd Largest Language Services Provider in Latin America

Based on 2020 verified revenues, the annual rankings are the result of the language industry’s most comprehensive, large-scale survey of the language services and translation technology market by CSA Research. The language services and technology industry includes more than 27,000 players worldwide, ranging from boutique local agencies to large global companies. This diverse group of […]

Terra Cares Program

Just as diversity and inclusion are important to us, so is Terra Localizations’ commitment to giving back to the community. That’s why in 2016, we launched the Terra Cares program. Through Terra Cares we provide pro-bono translation services to select non-profit organizations that inspire us within our communities and our industry to help them expand […]

How to go about ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications

Client satisfaction should always be at the top of the mind, as should the goal of consistently improving the quality of work your team provides. ISO certifications are one such way to commit to these goals. ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 are two reputable standards that guide organizations in the design of a process-based Quality […]

Terra Solidifies Top Spot as a Boutique Translation Company on the Slator 2020 LSPI

Terra, an Argentinian-American language service provider based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the honor of being included in the Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) as a boutique translation company. At larger firms, a highly bureaucratic company structure slows down processes and decision-making. In contrast, boutique firms such as Terra and […]

Why you need to work with a women-owned business

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise. In fact, over the past 20 years, the number of women-owned firms has increased 114 percent according to the annual State of Women-Owned Businesses report. In the U.S., firms owned by women now employ 9.2 million people and generate $1.8 trillion in revenue according to a 2018 report commissioned […]

If Content is King, Context is Queen

In our previous post, we looked at how cross-cultural appeal depends on flawless localization. Now we’ll delve a bit deeper, and take a look at the importance of context in product development (through the lens of the video game industry) (…)

How to Sell Games Globally

The localization of products and services has become a critical part of most business models, as the rise of globalization drives rapid, efficient expansion to foreign markets. We’ll take a look at some best practices, and pitfalls to avoid when (…)

Terra is Now ISO 17100 Certified

Terra is pleased to announce that we are now ISO 17100 certified by the Argentinian Institute of Standardization and Certification (IRAM). The company’s new ISO 17100 certification demonstrates Terra’s commitment to quality and dedication to maintaining superior translation standards. ISO 17100 certification guarantees the highest quality of translation services by adhering to a clearly defined […]

Ready Player Uno: Why Video Game Localization Matters

The video game industry is booming with 2.2 billion active gamers in the world according to a report by Newzoo. In fact, Newzoo estimates the global gaming market will reach revenues as high as $143.5 billion by 2020 (…)

What is the U.S. Spanish Variant?

There are over half a billion Spanish speakers across the globe according to a 2017 study from the Cervantes Institute. With population growth soaring in Spanish speaking countries as well as the U.S., this number is estimated to rise to 754 million people by 2050 (…)