LQA – Much more than just breaking the game

Playing video games from other countries can be an enjoyable experience when the game is made right. Players don’t want to experience a game that has a language barrier and complicated language mechanics. That can bring about a negative experience and an even more negative reception for that game. That’s where the LQA team comes in.

Swords and Pokémon: An Insight into Transcreation

“A wild Scyther appeared!”“At last, I’ve spent ages looking for one of these… Go! Pikachu!”“Scyther used Agility!”“Pikachu used Thunder… But it failed!”*Annoyed sigh*“Scyther used Strike with the Back of the Sword”“… Wait… WHAT?! What kind of move is that?! The name barely even fits my screen!” Transcreation I choose you! Did my literal translation suddenly […]

The humanitarian side of video games: Chapter Ukraine

After several weeks of fighting, we review the role of the international video game industry. On February 24th, after years of threats and fighting related to territorial sovereignty, Russia invaded Ukraine and stoked old fears of a third world war. As usual, the victim is society in general, who are never taken into account for […]