COVID-19: the unexpected game changer for the video game industry agenda

At the beginning of the year, the news about COVID-19 was spreading quite slowly; attitudes were lighthearted, and the memes were flying around the internet. But the majority of the world didn’t anticipate what was about to impact all corners of the globe.  As the rumors flew and attention grew, the videogame industry seemed to […]

Terra Solidifies Top Spot as a Boutique Translation Company on the Slator 2020 LSPI

Terra, an Argentinian-American language service provider based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the honor of being included in the Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) as a boutique translation company. At larger firms, a highly bureaucratic company structure slows down processes and decision-making. In contrast, boutique firms such as Terra and […]