Gaming is our first language, but not our only one. We help you connect with your global players through localization.

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Your game deserves raving fans across the multiverse. With pro localization, you can confidently shoot for the stars!


Linguistic QA

You wouldn’t launch a rocket without testing it first. Why should your game be any different?



Houston, we have a solution. Creativity meets cultural and linguistic expertise to preserve your message.


Project Management

The path to global success can be long and winding. Let a team of highly skilled PMs be your North Star.



With a tailored solution for culturalization and localization, your game will feel local, everywhere.

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Localization by gamers, for gamers

At Terra Localizations, we truly believe that video games offer so much more than entertainment. They offer escape. Adventure. An opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life on this great big awesome planet!

As a women-owned (WBE), minority-owned (MBE), and fully virtual video game localization company and LQA partner, our mere existence disrupts the industry. We transcend time zones to create solutions for our partners with vivacity, verve, and most importantly, a fresh perspective. By wielding diversity and inclusion as our not-so-secret weapons, we are vigilant in our quest to level up the gaming experience for all cultures, genders, and languages.

We don’t meet deadlines. We master them.

Since 2008, we have localized hundreds of games to make every gamer feel like the main character. We are ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015-certified, which means we are passionate about leveraging our expertise in linguistics, technology, and gaming to help you deliver a stellar experience to gamers EVERYWHERE!

Terra has entered the game. Are you ready to play? 


Certifications & Memberships

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Need a guide on your quest to globalization? We got you.