Building Resilient Multicultural Teams for the Future of Work

Building Resilient Multicultural Teams for the Future of Work

At the latest GALA conference, held in Valencia, Marina Ilari and I had the opportunity to speak about the secret sauce behind our team-building strategy. Our objective was to share our approach to working with remote, distributed, and multicultural teams, and we used one of our largest in-house teams, consisting of more than 100 LQAs […]

Video Game Culturalization and the LGBT+ Community. Part 2.

In our previous article we analyzed how characters representative of the LGBT+ community began appearing in games; however the issue wasn’t fully explored and there was much left to include. What happened starting in the 2000s? The 2000s There are some examples of significant changes in this decade, and although it’s hard to find any […]

Video Game Culturalization and LGBT+ Community, Part 1.

Inclusion and Diversity. When we talk about culturalization in video games, we can delve more deeply into the variables that involve inclusive identities.In this sense, although there is a long way to go, we can find several titles that serve as an example of a trajectory to improve this experience.In some cases it is addressed […]

Gender Neutrality in Video Games

Are you a male or female?  That’s the question that everyone has seen overtly in their lives. Whether it is when one is filling out an application for a job or going into a healthcare facility for treatment, this one question has been used to determine what a person is like. Unfortunately, this can also […]