The 3 Levels of Video Game Localization and How They Impact Budget 

The 3 Levels of Localization and How They Impact Budget

When it comes to game localization, publishers must consider a variety of factors that impact costs, such as word count, target languages, and translation rates. However, one crucial aspect that directly affects expenses is the level of localization chosen for a game.   Let’s delve into the three levels of localization and explore how this decision […]

Why Video Games Are Not Just Video Games

Why Video Games are not just Video Games

During a recent press conference, President Macron blamed video games for the Paris riots, claiming rioters were “acting out the video games that have poisoned their minds.” And more often than not, we read misleading headlines that blatantly classify video games as an addictive disease that poisons the minds of younger generations.   Fortunately, video game […]

Women in Games: Inclusion in E-Sports

The topic of women and other non-binary groups has long been known and discussed. This topic is discussed regarding not just how their likenesses are represented in video games but also in their industry presence.

3 Powerful Benefits of Working with a Diverse Language Service Provider 

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are hot topics right now.  Glassdoor reports that 69% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue, so it should be. In recent times, people have become more curious about these terms and how they affect them.  This sudden awakening is expressed by visible spikes in search charts like […]

Black Culture and Representation in Video Games: Black History Month

  Diversity matters when it comes to the video game industry. It is important to make sure each culture is represented not only accurately but fairly. Today let’s focus on culture specifically: the Black community represented in video games. With the celebration of Black History Month, let’s look at the beginnings of black culture and […]

Video Game Culturalization and the LGBT+ Community. Part 2.

In our previous article we analyzed how characters representative of the LGBT+ community began appearing in games; however the issue wasn’t fully explored and there was much left to include. What happened starting in the 2000s? The 2000s There are some examples of significant changes in this decade, and although it’s hard to find any […]

Video Game Culturalization and LGBT+ Community, Part 1.

Inclusion and Diversity. When we talk about culturalization in video games, we can delve more deeply into the variables that involve inclusive identities.In this sense, although there is a long way to go, we can find several titles that serve as an example of a trajectory to improve this experience.In some cases it is addressed […]

Gender Neutrality in Video Games

Are you a male or female?  That’s the question that everyone has seen overtly in their lives. Whether it is when one is filling out an application for a job or going into a healthcare facility for treatment, this one question has been used to determine what a person is like. Unfortunately, this can also […]

An Avatar like Me: Diversity and Inclusion in the Gaming Industry

After taking a long hard look at themselves, many video game publishers have found they are coming up short. A demographic overhaul is a heavy lift in an industry historically dominated by straight white men. Yet as the faces of gamers become more diverse, so too should the faces of the games’ creators.