The 3 Levels of Video Game Localization and How They Impact Budget 

The 3 Levels of Localization and How They Impact Budget

When it comes to game localization, publishers must consider a variety of factors that impact costs, such as word count, target languages, and translation rates. However, one crucial aspect that directly affects expenses is the level of localization chosen for a game.   Let’s delve into the three levels of localization and explore how this decision […]

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming at GQF 

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming at GQF

In today’s gaming industry, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is of paramount importance. According to Newzoo, a staggering one in three players has not felt welcomed in gaming communities, with underrepresented groups, such as ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ players, facing even greater challenges.  Recognizing the significance of addressing these issues, Marina Ilari, CEO of […]

Dubbing: A Source of Realism

Dubbing is a powerful process that can make a game more immersive and help the audience connect with the characters. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Voice-Over: A Fine Accompaniment to the Unconventional

Voice-over: a fine accompaniment to the unconventional

In this part two, we will look at the different types of voice-overs and outline the effects they may have on their audience, using a couple of my favorite examples.

Now, in a nutshell, there are three main types of voice-over: narration, ‘UN style’, and the rare ‘lektoring’.

Subtitling: A Journey with Cannoli and Karaoke

Can you guess how many languages are supported in 2022’s Game of the Year winner Elden Ring? It’s a whopping 16, which is huge when you consider the number of gamers who can now explore caves full of giant ants and combat ‘fingercreepers’ – the Elden Ring’s answer to ‘giant spiders’ – in their native language.

A Deep Dive into the Localization of I See Red

It appears that only people in the business of translation or creating content for broader audiences truly understand how vital the localization process is. Others had to learn it the hard way – and it’s a common nightmare for new developers!

Accessibility Is Here to Stay. How Can We Play Our Part? 

Many video game developing companies have an accessibility team or hire accessibility consultants, and since 2017, the yearly Game Accessibility Conference has taken place. In this event hosted by the International Game Developers Association Accessibility SIG, game developers, accessibility specialists, gamers with disabilities and many more gather and discuss how to implement accessibility across all sectors of the game industry.

Accessibility: New Options within Reach

Accessibility in the video game world can be defined as having the ability to play a game even under restrictive conditions, be it due to some sort of functional limitation or disability. Accessibility also plays an important part during game development, as it relates to the interaction between the game and the player.

The Importance of accessibility in video games.

Localization = Accessibility Just as it is important to Localize a video game based on different languages, it is also important to localize a game for people with disabilities.  Even though the majority of gamers can play the average games pretty well, there are a lot of players that have a difficult time trying to […]