How to Move the Needle in DEI in Your Organization and Nurture a Diverse Team


Diversity and inclusion form Terra’s bedrock, enriching our culture and fostering innovation. As a certified women-owned and minority-owned business, we understand that embracing diversity goes beyond just saying the words – it’s about cultivating a thriving environment where every voice is heard, valued, and cherished.

Nurturing diverse teams is vital to the dynamic landscape of the video game industry, renowned for its boundless creativity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the myriad ways to cultivate an organization that promotes equity, respect, and innovation. Here are several strategies that game companies can adopt: 

Fostering Inclusivity from the Start: Conscious Recruitment 

Inclusivity starts with recruitment. Make sure your job postings and your job descriptions are not restrictive and are open to as many people as possible. This will encourage a vast pool of talented people to feel like that job is for them and actually apply.  Additionally, adopt a conscious recruitment process that prioritizes talent and potential over biases. Some biases are unintentional, so ensure your recruiting team addresses unconscious bias through active training and learning. This approach allows candidates to be evaluated solely on their merits, fostering a diverse team that collectively brings fresh perspectives. 

Committing to Respect: A Proactive Approach 

When employers take a stance and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, team members feel empowered to be their authentic selves, and employers benefit from each person’s unique contributions. Be sure to create a well-documented DEI policy and circulate it widely to boost confidence in your organization’s commitment to its stated values. Having established policies can also help you take a proactive approach rather than cobbling together a response when something bad happens. For the best results, invest direct resources in the development of these policies, hiring subject matter experts or reaching out to NGOs that offer consulting services, instead of relying on well-meaning volunteers. And with these resources in place, regularly reach out to the different departments within your company to identify needs and address them. 

Bridging Language and Diversity: Inclusive Communication 

Effective communication lies at the heart of an inclusive culture. Acknowledge the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within your team and tailor your communications to be understood accordingly.  By ensuring messages resonate with everyone, you make certain that all team members feel valued and recognized, regardless of their individual backgrounds.  

Empowering Conversations: Strategic Sessions 

We believe that conversations spark change. Hold strategic sessions that delve into the intricacies of diversity, inclusion, unconscious biases, and various forms of diversity. These discussions are usually not just educational; they foster awareness and create a more inclusive atmosphere where everyone’s perspectives are respected and embraced. 

Cultivating Communities: Diversity and Advocacy 

Provide platforms for diverse voices to be heard. Establish internal channels where team members can share resources and engage in open dialogues about pertinent topics. This advocacy aligns with your commitment to creating an inclusive workspace that values and respects every individual. 

Celebrating Authenticity: Initiate Meaningful Moments 

Promote authenticity through initiatives that spotlight individual uniqueness. Create avenues for team members to share personal stories and experiences outside of work. This not only celebrates diversity but also strengthens team bonds and understanding. 

Ongoing Commitment: Embrace, Adapt, Thrive 

In an industry where creativity is the root of everything, working with diverse teams can be extremely powerful. Creating an inclusive and diverse culture is a continuous journey. Establish an ongoing commitment to improvement driven by leadership and collective efforts. Empower every team member to contribute to your company’s success, fostering innovation through collaboration. 

Through continuous effort, we envision a future where every voice finds its place and authenticity reigns supreme. We recognize that diversity is more than just a buzzword – it’s a strategic asset. Every leader should amplify backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that enrich your company culture and cater to your diverse audience. With every initiative and conversation around DEI, we all move closer to a more inclusive and harmonious world. 

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