The Evolution of Video Games from Entertainment to Education

What’s so special about video games is that it has infiltrated almost every aspect of today’s society. To name a few, there are esports for competitive gaming, positive health benefits for gaming, and educational gaming. Video games now are now being widely utilized for multiple purposes. It wasn’t always this way and was just considered entertainment for only younger kids.

Thoughts on video game culturalization

The video game script has been written, packed with twists, turns, and enough emotion to make even the most hardened of Arthur Morgan or Last of Us veterans cry. The gameplay has been tipped to rival Uncharted. And the visuals surpass even those of the Forza Horizon series. Magazines and Youtubers can’t wait to review this long-awaited game. The title will, crucially, add to the development team’s already rich and prestigious body of work – years and years of hard graft, mistakes, lessons learned, but subsequent improvements, refinement, and success.