Terra Localizations Partnership with WGJ

August 19, 2021

We are very excited to announce a brand new partnership for Terra Localizations with Women Game Jam for their 5th edition.

Now, “What is Women Game Jam”, you ask?

A “game jam” is a game development marathon where the participants are challenged to plan and create a digital or analog game using the theme proposed in the first day of the event. All in a certain amount of time!

What makes Women Game Jam unique, is its focus on women cis, trans and non-binary people and is a non-competitive event. This creates a more comfortable and encouraging environment to learn, create a portfolio, exchange of experiences between beginners and experienced in the field, and more important, to fortify the local female development community.

Who organizes WGJ?

The WGJ is organized by a group formed mostly by women of different ages, races, and beliefs. They are united by a dream: to change the reality of the game industry.
With 1160 Participants from 14 different countries the Game Jam will produce 175 Games, this Game Jam promises to deliver an amazing experience to jammers, mentors and gamers alike!


We want to thank Jazmin Giolito and Renata Rapyo, local coordinators for Argentina and Brazil respectively for their trust in Terra Localizations for this partnership.

Find the link with more information here: https://womengamejam.org/en/