Marina Ilari on Open World Videocast

February 1, 2021

Last week, our CEO, Marina Ilari appeared as a guest star on the new videocast about localization, video games and memes, Open World.

Open World is one of the new shows of Multilingual Media and you can watch it on their YouTube channel clicking HERE.

This new show is hosted by Women in Games Ambassador Florencia Fole, Terra Localizations Marketing Manager Alexis Biro, Master Translator Loretta Mulberry and LocJam Champion Lucio Alcaide. Every 2 weeks, they share some unique LocFacts with their audience and have special guests over to have a chat on fun and interesting interviews that all end with some meme browsing.

Each Open World episode features a special guest from both the video game and localization industry alike to shed some light on many things that are invisible to the eyes of gamers all over the world.

For more info, you can visit their website here: