What is Open World?

Open World is a videocast produced by Terra Localizations about video games, localization, and memes. On each episode, our hosts analyze interesting facts about the localization and culturalization of a video game, as well as interview a special guest. Guests are video game industry experts that talk about their career journey and share with us how localization impacted the work that they do. The videocast is informative and also fun! Interviews are wrapped up with meme sharing for a good laugh.

You can find all episodes published bi-monthly through Multilingual Media’s YouTube channel.


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Why a videocast?

Our mission is to bring awareness to video game localization and why this process is key for global game success. As passionate gamers and language specialists, our goal is for everyone to understand the different roles we can play within the video game industry, as well as share the importance of localization as a driver of innovation and opportunity by debunking myths and sharing the best practices from the game development and publishing side of the business.

Who are the hosts?

Open World hosts are members of the Terra Localizations team who are passionate about gaming with a background in localization and meme curation. The hosts include Business Developers and all-around gamers Alexis Biro, Lara Lapier and Melisa Ilari.