Glossary Creation
Style guide Creation

A Style Guide is a document that describes the stylistic specifications of your brand and includes essential information about your audience and target markets. It provides the localization team with references, samples, rules, and stylistic preferences that should be taken into consideration for your projects. Basically, it protects your branding across all languages.

A Style Guide typically includes:

  • Information about your company and products
  • Your target audience
  • Tone of your brand
  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Numbers
  • Trademarks and copyrighted terms
  • Formatting
  • Specific instructions for each language
  • Samples and references

Terra Localizations can work with you to create or review a style guide specific to your company. We strongly believe that having a style guide positively impacts the quality of localization, and we highly recommend it to all of our clients. 

Glossary Creation

Glossaries are an essential part of most translation and localization projects because they help make sure that terms are always translated accurately and consistently. 

A good glossary should include:

  • Key terms and their corresponding translations
  • Terms that should not be translated
  • Definitions and additional context
  • Brand style and tone
  • A system for running a quality control check
  • Updates

When a glossary is implemented together with a style guide, it can preserve quality, shorten the total localization time for a project, and reduce overall costs.

Terra Localizations can assist you with the creation and maintenance of a glossary — selecting key terms for the glossary, determining the best translations, and updating the glossary as the project progresses.

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I’m passionate about finding the right voice and tone for a brand to be successful in the global marketplace. Contact me if you would like to discuss your video game localization project!

Business Development Manager